The Blind Judge Podcast – Episode 1

Meet Kentucky’s First Blind Judge David Holton

Episode 1:  Welcome to the launch of The Blind Judge Podcast with retired Jefferson County Judge David Holton.He is Kentucky’s first blind judge.  This podcast will include discussions of life in general, including the law, hunting, fishing, sports, current affairs, politics, cooking and pets.  It’ll be a series of discussions and interviews with people you may have heard of, and some you may not have.  David is joined in the studio by his guide dog Coach.  Join David for a very, interesting journey.  It begins today.

Episode Outline

  • 01:15 – How David his eye-sight at 10 years of age
  • 05:55 – David enters a brand-new world
  • 10:58 – David goes to public high school and Louisville’s race riots
  • 16:26 – David gets some bad news
  • 17:45 – David decides to attend Morehead State University
  • 23:58 – David and his new guide dog, Simon,make a splash at Morehead State
  • 27:27 – Simon the wonder dog outshines David on campus
  • 29:31 – David enrolls in law school at the University of Kentucky
  • 31:31 – A new lawyer begins as an assistant county attorney and opens a law firm
  • 33:21 – David becomes a judge and sits on the bench for 10 years
  • 36:19 – Judge Holton focuses on helping our veterans
  • 37:34 – Conclusion

Check out David’s Probate and Estate Planning Podcast!

Retired Probate Judge David Holton actually has 2 podcasts.  In addition to this one focusing on social and community matters, his other podcast focuses on legal issues related to Wills, probate and estate planning issues.

As we conclude Episode 1, we encourage you to connect with Davidon his Facebook page.  You’ll also be able to subscribe to this podcast on Spotify, Google Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Audible and many other podcast platforms.  

David closes with this thought: “God’s been good to me.  I want to give back and return the favor to his listeners and their families.”  David’s entire career has been about service to our Louisville and Jefferson County community.

For more information about probate and estate planning issues, or to listen to The Blind Judge Podcast, visit

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